Rochelle M. Broder, Ph.D.               

Licensed Psychologist


I help adults and adolescents with emotional issues that show up in many ways: relationship problems, anger, anxiety or depression that may not make sense or may seem unchangeable, difficulties with work or school performance, or simply feeling stuck.

My approach is insight-oriented which allows me to help you to ultimately help yourself through deeper self-awareness. The understanding that grows in this kind of therapy allows more emotional freedom and creates lasting changes that can improve and enrich lives while lessening symptoms.

I have post-doctoral certification in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and am currently taking advanced training in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis facilitates the momentum of a deeper therapeutic experience with sustainable benefits after therapy has ended.

In addition to private practice, I have extensive knowledge of human development and experience assessing children and adolescents with a wide range of emotional and learning problems. This background gives me a unique perspective when working with adults as well as adolescents.

For more information and scientific evidence about contemporary psychoanalysis, please visit my website and click on the Links tab.


Feeling helpless to help oneself often brings people into psychotherapy.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy